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Delicious, an award winning sandwich shop!!

Sunday, 27th February 2011

Delicious have won the best takeaway in the Uk in "the best of" awards! Yippee!!

I am a member of the Best of Bury, but the "Best of" is nationwide.

We recieved nearly 200 testimonials and this earned the grand title of "The Best takeaway in the UK!!!"

Thank you all very much who wrote Delicious a testimonial either on the cards provided or online! I am very grateful for every kind word written!

The girls and I are very excited and chuffed about the whole thing!

I will be picking our award up in May at The Hilton in Coventry at a swish, Black tie dinner! Can't wait for that! 

Royal wedding party!

Please contact Wendy on 0161 763 6373 to discuss any plans for any special occasions in 2011!! including the Royal Wedding!!

Are you having a party for Katie & Prince Williams wedding? If so, let Delicious make your celebration even more special with wonderful, homemade food!!

All menu's are bespoke for your occasion. Book early! as I am already receiving bookings.

What is your favourite special? 

We would love to know what your favorite dish is.

Let us know and we could include your favourite special on the Delicious menu!

If we choose yours and it is featured on the menu, you will get your dish free, yes, I said free!!!

So let us know asap.

Abi has chosen Corned beef hash for Wednesday, so Abi's special will be free!


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