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New Spring Specials!

Sunday, 10th April 2011

New Spring Specials

On Wednesday our Delicious Special is spiced cajun chicken with apricots, Puy lentils, red onions. spring onions, fresh corriander and cous cous to make a delightful and Delicious salad!

Lamb is a great meat to have at spring time. So here at Delicious, we have incorpoated a lamb dish but in a mediteranean style. The greek lamb bake on Thursday's special, contains small lamb patties with, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, mint and olive oil to make a tasty treat.

The Royal Wedding & Easter !


This is now the last chance to book your very own Easter party at home with friends or your Royal wedding party. Let all the stress of entertaining be ours! Just call Wendy at Delicious on 0161 763 6373 to discuss your favourite foods!

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