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Delicious Low Calorie Menu

Delicious provides a low calorie alternative menu for those who keep a close eye on what they eat.

Your Delicious options...
Delicious Salad Bowl
lettuce, red onion, tomato, cucumber, carrot, over-roasted peppers, sweet corn, homemade coleslaw and sunflower seeds. Chose a filling from the sandwich menu £3.05. Choose a filling from the speciality menu £3.45
Chicken Caesar Salad
Topped with crispy bacon & chicken.
Humous & Roasted Peppers Salad
Delicious salad bowl with oven-roasted peppers & humous topped with fresh spinach.
Delicious Greek Salad
Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber & Feta cheese topped with black olives, roasted peppers & olive oil.